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Clouds Opening Up


Apocalyptic Literature as Inspiration

As a kid growing up, Glenn spent most of his time in the great outdoors as he was always fascinated by the weather. The skies were no stranger to him and there were a few occasions that he was nearly struck by lightning.

One thing he can say assuredly is that of all the time he spent watching the skies, he has never witnessed anything in the skies like he is today. But why is this and why now? What dire circumstances or pernicious event does God being omniscient see in our imminent future that would prompt him to intervene and reveal his heavenly signs and most importantly, what do they mean?

While searching for this answer, Author Glenn Albertoni discovered inspiration in the apocalyptic literature originally penned by the Apostle John, the Author of the Revelation of Jesus Christ, better known as the Book of Revelation. Glenn recognized that the Apostle John used a writing style typical for his time called apocalyptic literature, meaning John used pieces of the world around him to help him describe and write the things he saw in visions during the time of the end with the use of parables, imageries, analogies and symbolism. John's writing style, in particular his ability to use elements of the past to describe events in the future, inspires, and motivates Glenn's combined spiritual and literary pursuits.

Like many great writers, Glenn Albertoni didn't begin his journey with the intent of becoming an author. While Glenn ruminated upon the signs he saw in the sun, the moon and in the clouds, he placed each picture with its associating scripture prayerfully and carefully. Glenn’s writing evolved over a six year journey while ultimately deciding that he had to share his findings with others in hopes that his readers will follow the path the Lord Jesus Christ has laid before us that leads to the presence of God in the eternal kingdom of heaven.

Glenn wants his readers to embrace his findings and awaken to a higher level of spiritual awareness before the beacon of hope, (the light of Christ) vanishes and the open door to heaven for all to come to Christ forever closes. Glenn hopes his work will help others understand God’s word on a much deeper spiritual level.

Clouds Opening Up